Cops N Robbers
"Cops N Robber(FPS)" is the origin online pixel fps game with rich weapon system, chat system, comfortable operation. Enjoy it!

Gang Fight is a totally fun and popular action game. Accurate human physics simulation makes the game unique. is a fun and popular multiplayer action game. You can battle with the real local or online players. Pick up other players and throw them off the area.

Cops N Robbers
(Jail Break)
"Cops N Robbers(Jail Break)" is available on App Store. Fight or escape, free or stay in prison, depends on you.

Cops N Robbers
(Jail Break 2)
It is the 2nd edition of "Cops N Robbers (Jail Break)". This time we brought a whole new experience for every CNR fan. New huge island prison - "West Pacific Prison" is here, waiting for your adventure. New game settings, new props & crafting system...Most important of all, a new role - spy is added in "Cops N Robbers".

Survival Games
"Survival Games" is a survival mode game. Pick up weapon,no hungry,fight in the duel for glory.

Hello Emoji
Draw a simple line to make the different balls scroll towards their own destinations.

Sky Block
Now you can fight in sky!

Growing crops, harvesting trees/rocks, hunting animals, gather food/drink… Crafting knife/axe/torch/food/medicine…
You need to be alive, fighting with zombies/mutant animals, explore the world. Of course you must uncover the secrets of this world – the dead zone.