Riovox Homepage is in use from today!

Madge Thu, 06/18/2015 - 20:22

Good news, everyone!
Riovox homepage is in use form today! We'll post news about our games from now on.


Hello Riovox! I love your games and I hope new updates come to Cops N Robbers. It has been a while and it would be great for a new one to come! I have an idea of what should be the new update, clans! People have been making clans in Cops N Robbers but not any rules or anything, which the rules comes from the people who make the clans. It would make the game more interesting and fun if you did. I hope your reading this and hope this is a good idea!

Dear DWDerrick,
Thanks for your attention to our site. We have been keeping developing more interesting and attractive games because of your supporting and loving our games. The new updating of Cops N Robbers is coming soon. Expect it! Wish you have more fun in the new game.

This Blog Is Really wonderful and amazing information is there and looking so attractive.I feel good to be here.

Welcome to our site. Thanks for your loving our games. Wish you have fun.

I think we should fix the hitbox for the head. I can't land a single headshot most of the time.

And yeah, your blog and games are amazing.

Thank you. Your loving and supporting for our games are our power of working.

I need help recording videos in cops n robbers fps

What's your problem ? Couldn't you record?

Also I think new maps, modes, and guns should be added since I feel that the variety is low