Cops N Robbers(Jail Break 2) Limited Free

Madge Tue, 08/18/2015 - 00:23

Dear Everyone,
To commemorate the second anniversary of "Cops N Robbers" release, and to appreciate all old and new players, Cops N Robbers(Jail Break 2) limited-time free is open. Hurry on and download it now!


Just only one problem. How do I even get the items? I can't drag them or do basically anything with it but just show me what is does.

Which items do you want to get?

Actually, it's more like a bug. I mostly can't equip my items most of the time and sometimes, I would manage to actually get it.

You need to select one item at the bottom, then click the item you want to use, after that you will see the item is equipped.