Cops N Robbers(FPS) Halloween Version Preview

Madge Mon, 10/19/2015 - 20:06

Dear Cops N Robbers(FPS) fans, waiting so long, Halloween version will be met with you.
Preview the new guns in this version.


It would be cool if could also add a crossbow and an automatic pistol

Or maybe a spooky map

Recording was the best thing to happen to cnr why would u guys take it away and add advertisements that are lame?

Kamcord doesn't support recording video any more. So we removed this function.
We'll try to find another tool to record video.

As you have noticed, kamcord has a new strategy and that vids are now up and running. As far as I know, the ads were added to entice more people to buy INGAME item(s). It's nothing's personal, just business.

We appreciate the work you've done and we thank you, but many of the players of Cops n' Robbers feel that it's time we add Clans or Guilds in the game. Players who have dilegently played and supported your game from the beginning have always requested this. We apretiate all the gun(s) update but we would really love to have Clans or guilds. That is all I ask. We love your games and all the wonderful updated. have a Merry Christmas. Thank you.
Sensirly: your fans.

Thanks for your advice and loving our game. We will consider about it.

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