Block Force Halloween version preview!

Madge Mon, 10/26/2015 - 00:26

Block Force Halloween version preview: New Halloween map, one new gun and new Halloween decorations...... You may get the new update in about two days!


Es muy bueno estos juegos

Es muy bueno estos juegos

Hey Riovox or JoyDo I am have idea for new upgrade or 2.1.9 that idea is Rings power 1-Ring Fire that give u armor 35% from fire 2-Ring air give you 45%jumping in sky but u only use 1 and waiting 3 munties to restart 3-Ring speed give you speed move 40% 4-Ring power this give you a power 35% 5-Ring low in damage a guy he get pot low damge and he don't cant kill you easy Normal rings for 10k power ring air ring for 25k gems and speed ring 30k and power ring for 40k and low ring for 60k and 3.0.1 maker Golden Ring (Only u can't buy for Horror) this ring give u power35% + jump25% + low damage And golden ring for 15k