Join the Ice Party and collect all Christmas items now!

Madge Tue, 12/10/2019 - 17:54

1. Carnival VIP: get exclusive quality A weapon, lots of privileges and props.
2. Collect candies to exchange cyberpunk items or open carnival chest, you will get: Cyber Xmas Rifle, Dual Cyber Sword, Cyber Xmas Suit, Cyber Xmas Wings and Exclusive Frame.
3. Get the themed weapon – "Santa Sniper 19" for FREE! The matching weapon skin contains Xmas-style sniper scope and special attribute!
4. New Props – Sandbox: add three flying props appearances of Light Wings, Dark Wings and Cyber Xmas Wings.
5. Add 13 Classic "CNR 4.x" weapon skins. You can get them for FREE!
6. Xmas themed layout and music for you to enjoy. Happy Holiday. :)

1. Battle Pass (Season 3): Steampunk items, you can't miss them!
2. Season 5: new rewards, new challenges!
3. Add Classic Weapons: UMP45, Kar 98K, FAMAS, Mauser C96 and Bren MK.

1. Season Adjustment: add 3V3 mode and remove 1V1 mode.
2. Adjust the unlock level of some functions.
3. Optimize the sound of kill.